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    Aerospace Projects

> 2? Okuma CNC Lathe(?? 8"? Dia? Max)

> Fabritrak Production control software

> 1 Okuma & Howa?? life tooling?

> Flat part Measurment & digital Scanner

> 1 Laser 3000W bystronic with tube cutting

> St 30" Comparator

> 1 Laser 2000 watt Amada Palser 2415-lll CNC laser

> 36"X48" Surface Table

> 2 Amada RG-80 up Acting Brake

> Caliper, Micrometer,

> 1 Amada Shearing machine

> Boring gage

> 2 Miller welding Machine

> Height Gage

>?1 sport welding

> Angle Blocks

> 1 36" Timesaver wet Deburing & Finishing Machine

> Gage Pin Threading Gage

> 1 Air Compressor ?


> 2 Amada Horizontal Band Saw


> 1 Cold Saw


> 1 Iron works ??


>?1 Forklift 5000 lbs. Toyota



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